What kind of bird is the eagle owl? Explanation of characteristics, ecology, and habitat Animals of Africa and Asia


What kind of bird is the eagle owl (owl)? We will explain the characteristics, ecology, and habitat of animals. This horned owl, also known as the Eurasian eagle owl, is widely distributed across the Eurasian continent, with large numbers living mainly in Asia. In this article, I will explain what kind of characteristics it has.

What is a eagle owl? About basic status

The eagle owl is a bird classified in the genus Owlidae of the order Owlidae. The body length is 58 – 71cm and the weight is 1,500 – 1,800g. The British name is owl, the scientific name is Bubo bubo, and the kanji is Washiki 菟. It has another name: Eurasian eagle owl. The list of information is as follows:

English(英名)Eurasian eagle owl
scientific name(学名)Bubo bubo
classification(分類)Ave、Strigiformes、 Strigidae、Bubo 
Length(体長)58 – 71cm
Weight(体重)1,500 – 1,800g

About classification

The eagle owl is classified as a member of the genus Eagle Owl, but there are many subspecies. The following is a quote from Wikipedia. Let’s look into it when you have time.

Scientific name(学名)Habit(生息地)
Bubo bubo buboScandinavian Peninsula/Western Russia to France
Bubo bubo borissowiSakhalin, Kuril Islands
Bubo bubo hemachalanusWestern Tibet, Western Himalayas
Bubo bubo hispanusiberian peninsula
Bubo bubo interpositusSouthern Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania to Türkiye
Bubo bubo jakutensisFrom north-central Siberia to northeastern Siberia
Bubo bubo kiautschensisEast of the People’s Republic of China, Korean Peninsula. There are examples of them flying to Amami Oshima, Miyakejima, and the Goto Islands.
Bubo bubo nikolskii From eastern Iraq to western Pakistan
Bubo bubo omissusFrom northeastern Iran to Turkmenistan and western China
Bubo bubo ruthenusEurope Central, southern and eastern Russia
Bubo bubo sibiricusFrom the Ural Mountains to western and southwestern Siberia
Bubo bubo tarimensisWestern Republic of China
Bubo bubo tibetanusTibetan Plateau
Bubo bubo turcomanusFrom Kazakhstan to western China and western Mongolia
Bubo bubo ussuriensis From eastern Mongolia and southeastern Siberia to northeastern China and eastern Siberia
Bubo bubo yenisseensisNorthern Mongolia, central Siberia

About habitat

Its habitat is distributed across the Eurasian continent, including central Asia.

feature is? What kind of creature is it?

Eagle owls tend to live as resident birds in woodlands, large forests, rocky areas, and moors. They often rest during the day, but at night they move their bodies and begin hunting. In nature, they attack small animals by flapping their wide wings slowly and silently, so their prey does not notice. The plumage is reddish-tan or cream-colored, with irregular stripes and spots all over.

What is your personality like?

Eagle owls are very friendly birds, so some people actually keep them in captivity. However, he is not the type who will play with you, so he prefers to keep a reasonable distance from you.

What is the ecology like?

Eagle owls subsist on wild rodents, mammals, reptiles, and bird species such as herons, buzzards, and other owls. The form of coexistence is oviparous. They lay eggs from March to May. Lifespan is 15 to 30 years.

Are there any natural enemies?

Eagle owls have no particular natural enemies. If I had to say it, it would be human.

Is the eagle owl an endangered species?

Overall, the eagle owl is very stable. However, some subspecies are listed as endangered species. Environmental destruction caused by humans has become the greatest threat.

Can eagle owls be kept as pets?

Eagle owls can be kept as pets. You can raise them if you have food, perches, cages, etc., but the problem is the price. If you keep a pet at a pet shop, the price can range from 400,000 yen to over 1,000,000 yen in Japanese yen, so it’s not cheap.

Food is a special food

As the staple food for eagle owls, we recommend special food that can be purchased at specialty stores. If you don’t hold it with a pin, it may think your hand is food and bite it.

Cages are made to order

We recommend that the cage be made to order. Eagle owls are very large and life can be quite stressful if they don’t have a decent amount of space. It’s best if you can also sunbathe.


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