What kind of animal is a peacock? Explanation of characteristics, ecology, and habitat


What kind of animal is a peacock? We will explain its characteristics, ecology, and habitat. They have large, bright decorative feathers that give them a very flashy impression, but did you know that they are actually an endangered species? From now on, we will explain the ecology and characteristics of this species, so please refer to it.

What is a peacock? About basic status

Peacocks are birds of the order Phasianidae. The total length is 180-250cm and the weight is 3-6kg. The list of information is as follows.

scientific name(学名)Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris
classification(分類)Ave、Galliformes、 Phasianidae、Pavo
Length(体長)180 – 250cm
Weight(体重)3 – 6kg

About classification

The following subspecies of peacock exist:

Pavo cristatus

The Indian peafowl is a bird classified in the order Phasianidae, family Phasianidae. It is the national bird of India. This peacock lives in India, Sri Lanka, and Nepal, and has a total length of 230 cm and a fan-shaped feather extending from the top of its head. This peacock is diurnal and lives in agricultural areas. There is no danger of extinction as it is protected as a sacred bird in its habitat.

Afropavo congensis

The Congo peafowl is endemic to the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Slightly smaller with a total length of 64 to 70 cm for males and 60 to 63 cm for females. The back and thorax are dark purple, and the abdomen is black. They have a very limited habitat and are classified as a near-threatened species. Their population is decreasing due to habitat destruction due to deforestation, farmland development, mining, etc.

Pavo muticus

Peafowl are peacocks that live in India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Cambodia, and Thailand. With a maximum total length of 300 cm, it is the largest species not only in the genus Peacock, but also in the family Phasianidae and order Phasianidae. The head is blue and the abdomen is covered with black feathers, making it very showy. It is listed in Appendix II of the Washington Convention and is designated as an endangered species.

About habitat

Peafowl are distributed in South Asia, Southeast Asia, and Africa.

feature is? What kind of creature is it?

Peacocks are very showy birds. Males have large, bright decorative feathers that they spread out in a fan shape to attract females. Their feet have sharp claws that they use for hunting and fighting. The flight distance is only a few hundred meters per flight, and they cannot fly. Their showy feathers go through molt in the summer, and most of the feathers have grown back by the end of the summer. Their habitat is agricultural land, and they are social and live in groups.

What is your personality like?

It’s safe to say that peacocks are very aggressive. Particularly during the breeding season, fierce battles take place even among the same species over females.

What is the ecology like?

Peacocks are omnivorous and eat plants such as grass, leaves, nuts, and fruits. Breeding occurs in the spring, with fierce competition between males. Females lay 3 to 8 eggs per breeding. Lifespan is about 20 years.

Are there any natural enemies?

Peafowl’s natural enemies include leopards, tigers, and snakes.

Are peacocks an endangered species?

Peacocks are listed as an endangered species. Because it is designated as an endangered species, conservation efforts are being carried out in various places. Habitat destruction, primarily caused by humans, is the biggest problem.

Can peacocks be kept as pets?

Peafowl are classified as an endangered species and are extremely difficult to keep in captivity. It is also listed in the Washington Convention, so international trade is strictly restricted.


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