What kind of animal is the false killer whale? Explanation of its characteristics, ecology, and habitat. Animals that can be seen in the sea


What kind of animal is the false killer whale? We will explain its characteristics, ecology, and habitat. It is widely distributed in warm seas around the world and is the best-known whale in the world. It is also known as the killer whale, and its huge size is its biggest feature. However, it is actually designated as an endangered species.

What is a False Killer Whale? Basic Stats

The false killer whale is a whale belonging to the genus Pseudorca, family Delphinidae, suborder Odontoceti, order Cetacea. Its scientific name is Pseudorca crassidens, English is False Killer Whale, and kanji is oki-gi-tou. It can reach a body length of 6m and weigh 1500kg. The list of information is as follows. Because it is a large species, it is also called the false killer whale and the cucumber pilot whale.

English(英名)False Killer Whale
scientific name(学名)Pseudorca crassidens
classification(分類)Mammalia、Cetartiodactyla、 Delphinidae、Pseudorca


False killer whales live in temperate, subtropical and tropical waters around the world.

What are its characteristics? What kind of creature is it?

False killer whales are characterized by their large, black body. The teeth in their mouths are sharp and black, and the name False Killer Whale (Oki Giant Head) means “pilot whale that lives offshore”. They are very dark gray and have a gray pattern on the ventral chest area. Due to their long and slender shape, they are also known as cucumber pilot whales. They are known for breaching, jumping out of the water and surfacing their entire body above the water, then crashing the side of their body into the water to land.

What is their personality like?

False killer whales are very social and disciplined animals, as they usually live in groups of about 10 to 50. They can usually be seen in groups. However, they often act alone.

What is their ecology like?

False killer whales live by eating fish, crustaceans, invertebrates, etc. Their lifespan is about 60 years.

Do they have any natural enemies?

The false killer whale is one of the largest marine mammals and has no significant natural predators.

Is the False Killer Whale an Endangered Species?

The False Killer Whale is listed as Near Threatened. False Killer Whales are often caught as by-catch in fisheries, which is of great concern. The worldwide population is over 40,000, but is declining. As a result, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has listed the population of about 150 whales in Hawaii as endangered. False Killer Whales are covered by the Agreement on the Conservation of Small Cetaceans in the Baltic Sea, Northeast Atlantic, Irish Sea, and North Sea (ASCOBANS) and the Agreement on the Conservation of Cetaceans in the Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea, and Adjacent Atlantic Waters (ACCOBAMS).

Can False Killer Whales be kept as pets?

False Killer Whales are too large for ordinary people to keep as pets. If you are looking for one, we recommend visiting an aquarium or other place to view them and getting guided or guided by events.


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