What kind of bird is a kingfisher? Characteristics, ecology, and habitat of Japanese wild birds


What kind of bird is a kingfisher? We will introduce and explain the beautiful physical characteristics, ecology, and habitats found in the great outdoors. It is a famous bird that lives all over Japan. It has a blue back and an orange belly, and some species migrate to southern regions in the winter. Although it is a resident bird, its habits differ in some areas.

What is a kingfisher? About basic status

The kingfisher is a bird that belongs to the genus Kingfisher, in the order Carpenteridae and family Alcenidae. The scientific name is Alcedo atthis. In kanji, it is also called jade, jade, and kawaban. The total length is only 17cm, and the wingspan is about 25cm. We will introduce the information in a list. They catch fish on the surface of rivers.

English(英名)Common Kingfisher
European Kingfisher
scientific name(学名)Alcedo atthis
classification(分類)Ave、 Coraciiformes、Alcedinidae、Alcedo

About habitat

Kingfishers are distributed throughout Japan. Some individuals migrate.

feature is? What kind of creature is it?

Kingfishers are characterized by their blue backs and orange bellies. Their beaks are long compared to their body size, and they use this long beak to catch prey by diving into rivers. The nest is built by digging a hole in the cliff. They live near freshwater bodies such as clear streams, ponds, and rivers. They are basically resident birds, but individuals living in northern Japan tend to migrate south to spend the winter.

What does the ecology look like?

Kingfishers live by capturing and eating small fish, fish, and insects in the water. During the breeding season, “courtship feeding” can be observed, where the male presents prey to the female. Parent birds make holes in vertical banks and lay their eggs. They will lay 3-4 eggs here. The lifespan is said to be up to 20 years.

Are there any natural enemies?

The kingfisher’s natural enemies include weasels, foxes, and crows.

Is the kingfisher an endangered species?

Kingfishers are designated as endangered, endangered, and near-threatened.

Can kingfishers be kept as pets?

Kingfishers cannot be kept as pets; keeping them is prohibited by law in Japan. They are often seen perched along with other sparrows on branches in nature, so they are photographed and posted on the internet.


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