What kind of bird is a warbler? Characteristics, ecology, and habitat of Japanese wild birds


What kind of bird is a warbler? This time, we will introduce and explain the beautiful calls they make in nature, their characteristics, ecology, and habitat. Speaking of warblers, they are a standard wild bird that can be seen in Japan. In Japan, they can be seen from the plains to the mountains all over the country, so if you are interested, please come to Japan and admire this cute bird.

What is a warbler? About basic status

The warbler is a bird classified as a member of the genus Uguisidae in the order Passeriformes. The body length is 16 cm for males and 14 cm for females, and the wingspan is 21 cm for males and 18 cm for females. The scientific name is Horornis diphone, and the kanji is “Ugura” (Japanese nightingale). We will introduce the information in a list. It is one of the most representative birds in Japan. It is characterized by its spring chirping, which is often heard in the forest. Many real photos taken in nature are also posted online.

English(英名)Japanese Bush Warbler
scientific name(学名)Horornis diphone
classification(分類)Ave、 Passeriformes、Cettiidae、Horornis

About habitat

The Japanese warbler lives in Japan.

feature is? What kind of creature is it?

The Japanese warbler is a bird that is famous for its loud chirping, “Ho-ho-ke-kyo.” Slender, male and female of the same color. Females are about 2cm smaller. In Japan, they breed and live in bushes from the flatlands to the mountains all over the country. The male sings as he watches over his territory. This cry indicates territory. It is said to be a threat to foreign enemies.

What is your personality like?

The male basically protects the territory, while the female protects the nest and raises the young. Therefore, the roles of males and females are strictly determined, making them very disciplined birds. They are very timid and will run away if a human approaches them.

What does the ecology look like?

Warblers are omnivores, eating fruits, nuts, and even insects. The breeding season for warblers is from April to September. They are polygamous and females can lay 4-6 eggs at a time. The lifespan is said to be about 8 years.

Are there any natural enemies?

The greatest natural enemy of the Japanese Warbler is the Japanese Warbler.

Is the warbler an endangered species?

Warblers are not an endangered species. However, it is designated as a near-threatened species in Chiba Prefecture and Tokyo, and its population is decreasing.

Can warblers be kept as pets?

Warblers can be difficult to raise. That’s because they don’t feel attached to humans. Additionally, all wild birds are protected by various regulations. In Japan, under the Ministry of the Environment’s Act on the Protection of Birds and Beasts and Appropriate Hunting, it has become a target of birds and beasts as defined by the Ministry of the Environment Ordinance in Article 26, Paragraph 2 of the Act.


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