Explaining the characteristics, ecology, personality, and habitat of Emperor Penguins (Emperor Penguins) Animals of Antarctica


We will explain the characteristics, ecology, personality, and habitat of Emperor Penguins (Emperor Penguins). Emperor penguins, the largest of all penguins, live in the extremely harsh environment of Antarctica, and we will explain in detail their characteristics and ecology.

Basic information about Emperor Penguin

Emperor penguins are the largest penguins, with a total length of 115-130 cm and a weight of 20-40 kg. They are birds and live in Antarctica, the harshest environment in the world.

English(英名)Emperor penguin
scientific name(学名)Aptenodytes forsteri
classification(分類)Sphenisciformes, Spheniscidae, Aptenodytes
IUCN Status(保全状況)Near Threatened

What’s going on in taxonomy?

Emperor penguins first became known in 1844 when they were described by British zoologist George Robert Gray. The species Aptenodytes forsteri was named in honor of German naturalist Johann Reinhold Forster, who officially named the five species of penguins. The emperor penguin is one of two extant species in the genus Emperor penguin, along with the king penguin.

名前 : Name属名 : genus name生息地 : Habitat
コウテイペンギン(Emperor Penguin)Aptenodytes コウテイペンギン属南極大陸
キングペンギン(King Penguin)Aptenodytes コウテイペンギン属南大西洋、インド洋

About the emperor penguin’s habitat

Emperor penguins live in Antarctica, the harshest environment in the world. Because chicks start raising their children in the harsh winter, the rate of chicks freezing to death is very high. During autumn in Antarctica, from March to April, flocks leave the sea and land on the ice fields where they breed. Why do we live in such a harsh environment? One is because we can get food here. Krill etc. can be harvested well in this area.

feature is? What kind of creature is it?

The emperor penguin has a gray head and the outside of its flippers. The upper chest is yellow and the inside of the flipper is white. The lower bill has yellow or pink stripes, and there is a beak sheath at the base of the lower bill. It is very large and is the largest species of penguin.

What will your personality look like?

Emperor penguins are calm and non-aggressive. Emperor penguins have a habit of moving in groups, are said to be a species that is less prone to conflicts, and have a weak sense of territory. They are said to be cooperative animals because they act in groups to get food. They are also very courageous and will not run away even if a human approaches them.

What is the ecology of emperor penguins?

Emperor penguins, like other penguins, form colonies and live in groups. When the chicks are born, they form a “kleish”. Colonies migrate from the coast and prefer areas around the continental shelf where the water is shallow. They often huddle together in circles to protect themselves from the cold. Like other penguins, they are carnivorous and eat fish, squid, and crustaceans. The lifespan is said to be about 20 years.

What is emperor penguin breeding like?

Emperor penguins breed in the ice fields of Antarctica. For this reason, emperor penguins are known as “birds that have the toughest parenting times in the world,” and because they raise their young in harsh winters, the mortality rate for their chicks is high. They do not build nests, and females lay eggs around May each year. The emperor penguin’s body is like a refrigerator storage compartment, storing food (such as krill) in its stomach, which it spits out to feed its chicks. That’s why I have such a big belly. Males who incubate eggs and raise chicks have to endure fasting for 60 days from the time they land, which is quite harsh.

What are the emperor penguin’s natural enemies?

There are natural enemies. Since they are very large penguins, they don’t have many enemies, but their chicks are easy targets. Eggs and chicks laid by skuas and giant petrels are often targeted. Even if they are adults, they are preyed upon by strong enemies such as killer whales and seals.

Differences between emperor penguin chicks and adults

There are clear differences between emperor penguin chicks and adults. The chick’s body is covered in gray feathers, making it easily recognizable. Once they grow to a certain extent, they will be able to find food on their own.

Difference between Emperor Penguin and Emperor Penguin

The difference between emperor penguins and emperor penguins is very simple. Emperor Penguin'' is the English name, andEmperor Penguin” is the Japanese name, but they are simply different names. Many people get confused because they are sometimes used interchangeably in the news.

Difference between Emperor Penguin and King Penguin

What is the difference between emperor penguins and king penguins? Since they belong to the same genus King Penguin, there seems to be no difference.

Hina looks completely different

King penguin chicks are completely covered in kiwi-colored feathers. There are differences in the condition and color of the feathers.

On the other hand, emperor penguins are easily recognizable because their chicks have gray fur.

Different sizes and habitats

Emperor penguins and king penguins are also different sizes. Moreover, their habitats are also different. Emperor penguins live in Antarctica, but king penguins live in the Falklands and South Georgia, so they are completely incompatible.

コウテイペンギン(Emperor Penguin)キングペンギン(King Penguin)
body weight30-40kg10-20kg
habitatAntarcticaFalkland Islands and South Georgia

Are emperor penguins an endangered species?

In 2012, Emperor Penguins were listed by the IUCN from Least Concern to Near Threatened, making their waters dangerous. The population is said to be around 218,000 and continues to decrease.

Climate change and fishing competition are major causes

One of the biggest reasons is climate change. As the climate warms, food supplies are starting to become more difficult. Due to climate change, it has become difficult to catch fish that were previously available nearby. In addition, the human population is increasing, and competition with fishermen is becoming a problem. Securing food is becoming difficult.

Sea ice area decreasing

Sea ice area is decreasing as a result of global warming. It has been suggested that population numbers will plummet as sea ice area decreases. A survey in 2009 found that the colony on the Dion Islands had completely disappeared, and the colony of emperor penguins is also on the decline.

Is it possible to keep emperor penguins?

Emperor penguins live in the icy continent of Antarctica, so it is extremely difficult for ordinary people to keep them. There are high hurdles to raising them. It will be necessary to secure a veterinarian, a facility that can maintain room temperature, and fish. Also, note that you will need to prepare a pool and a den, so it will cost some money.



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