What kind of bird is the great hornbill? Explanation of characteristics, ecology, and habitat Rare animals


What kind of bird is the great hornbill? We will explain its characteristics, ecology, and habitat. The hornbill got its name because the large horn on its beak looks like a rhinoceros horn. Because of its unusual appearance, this bird can be easily identified.

What is a great hornbill? About basic status

The great hornbill is a bird classified in the genus Hornbill, in the order Carpenteridae and family Hornbillidae. The English name is Great Hornbill, and the scientific name is Buceros bicornis. The list of information is as follows. The body length is 90–125 cm and the weight is 3–4 kg.

English(英名)Great Hornbill
scientific name(学名)Buceros bicornis
classification(分類)Ave、 Coraciiformes、Bucerotidae、Buceros

About habitat

Its habitat ranges from China to Southeast Asia.

feature is? What kind of creature is it?

The great hornbill is a large hornbill that lives in the tropical rainforests of Southeast Asia. It is called the great hornbill because of the rhino horn-like thing on its beak that makes it look like a rhinoceros horn. Like other hornbills, this hornbill builds its nest in the hollow of a large tree, and when the female leaves the nest, the male coats the entrance to the nest with feces.

What is your personality like?

Great hornbills are said to be wary and timid, but there seems to be considerable individual variation. Some birds are wayward.

What does the ecology look like?

The great hornbill is omnivorous, but its favorite food is figs. It takes approximately 40 days for the eggs to hatch. The form of tying is oviparous. The lifespan is 30 to 40 years.

Are there any natural enemies?

Natural enemies include birds of prey. Your enemies will mainly be birds flying in the sky.

Is the great hornbill an endangered species?

The great hornbill is listed as an endangered species. It is also listed in Appendix I of the Washington Convention, and international trade is restricted. Because the number of birds in captivity has increased so much, it has become a target for protection.

Can a great hornbill be kept as a pet?

The great hornbill is also listed on CITES Appendix I, which restricts international trade. Therefore, it is difficult to breed them.


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