White-flippered Penguin About the characteristics, personality, habitat, and food


We will explain the characteristics, personality, habitat, and food of the white penguin. The white-bellied penguin is a type of small penguin, and its ecology is similar to the little penguin, making it a subspecies. It is characterized by the wide white border of the flipper.

Basic information about the white penguin

White-bellied penguins are quite similar in appearance and size to small penguins. It is slightly larger than the little penguin and is considered a subspecies. It is an animal classified as a bird. It is currently the most endangered species of penguin and is in critical condition.

English(英名)White-flippered Penguin
scientific name(学名)Eudyptula albosignata
classification(分類)Sphenisciformes, Spheniscidae, Eudyptula
IUCN Status(保全状況)Critically Endangered (EN)
Height(身長)40 – 50cm

What’s going on in taxonomy?

The little penguin was first publicly described in an academic book in 1781 by German naturalist Johann Reinhold Forster. Because they are extremely similar in size to small penguins, they were originally thought to be the same species. However, in recent years, they have been considered to be a separate species, and the white-bellied penguin is considered to be a subspecies of the little penguin.

About the habitat of the white penguin

The white-bellied penguin’s habitat is the Banks Peninsula and Motonau Island in the southeast of New Zealand. Almost New Zealand.

feature is? What kind of creature is it?

The white penguin is characterized by its small body length of 40-45 cm, which is slightly larger than the little penguin, and the white edge of the flipper. The white-bellied penguin has a similar lifestyle to the little penguin, foraging in the sea during the day and returning to its burrow at night. Even their lifestyle is similar to that of a little penguin.

What is your personality like?

Just like little penguins, white-bellied penguins are also very aggressive. This is because they have many external enemies due to their small size, so they cannot survive unless they are treated with a strong attitude. Therefore, until you get used to it to a certain extent, if you touch it easily, you will be bitten by its beak. In the wild, they are not surprised when they see large humans.

What is the ecology of the white penguin?

Black-bellied penguins mainly eat small fish, squid, and small crustaceans. During the breeding season, they build nests deep inside rock holes or caves and lay eggs. Lays two eggs.

What kind of creatures are natural enemies?

They will be a fox, a weasel, a dog, and a cat. There are also other predators in the air such as condors, and in the sea there are killer whales and sharks, so it is not a safe environment.

Is the white-bellied penguin an endangered species?

Is the white-bellied penguin an endangered species? Unfortunately, it is one of the most endangered animals. The estimated population is said to be only 3,000 to 4,000 birds.

Oil spill off the coast of New Zealand in 2011

An oil spill occurred off the coast of New Zealand in 2011. 20,000 seabirds (including white-bellied penguins) died, and experts fear that the ecosystem may collapse as a result. In addition to this problem, land development in New Zealand and Australia has caused penguins to invade homes. This is because there are no more livable areas.

The problem of increasing number of predators

Originally, Australia and New Zealand had no carnivores. However, since Europeans pioneered the penguin in modern times, dogs, cats, and even foxes have been introduced to the penguin, causing the problem of being predated. Entire penguin populations are at risk.

Is it possible to keep penguins?

The number of penguins is decreasing rapidly, making it difficult for the general public to obtain them. Also, they will need to be bred as they have quite a violent personality. There are high hurdles to raising them. It will be necessary to secure a veterinarian, a facility that can maintain room temperature, and fish. Also, note that you will need to prepare a pool and a den, so it will cost some money. Please refer to the following page.



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