What kind of animal is a tiger? Explanation of characteristics, ecology, and habitat


What kind of animal is a tiger? We will explain its characteristics, ecology, and habitat. It can be said to be the king of carnivores, feared even by humans. Unfortunately, tigers are hunted and are at risk of extinction all over the world. Most tiger populations have decreased dramatically and are now listed as endangered species.

What is a tiger? About basic status

A tiger is a carnivorous animal classified in the class Mammalia, order Carnivora, family Felidae, genus Leopard. The scientific name is Panthera tigris, which means “tiger” in kanji. The body length is 140-220cm and the weight is 90-300kg. The list of information is as follows. It has sharp eyes and lives in forests.

scientific name(学名)Panthera tigris
classification(分類)Mammalia、Carnivora、 Felidae 、Panthera
Weight(体重)90 – 300kg

About classification

There are many subspecies of tigers. We will introduce each species, including species that have become extinct.

名前English NameScientific Name(学名)
ベンガルトラBengal tigerPanthera tigris tigris
アムールトラSiberian tigerPanthera tigris altaica
アモイトラ South China tigerPanthera tigris amoyensis
バリトラBalinese TigerPanthera tigris balica
インドシナトラIndochinese tigerPanthera tigris corbetti
ジャワトラJavan TigerPanthera tigris ssp. sondaica
スマトラトラSumatran TigerPanthera tigris sumatrae
カスピトラCaspian tigerPanthera tigris virgata

Panthera tigris tigris

The Bengal tiger is a subspecies of the tiger, which is a type of cat and is distributed in India. Males have a total length of 270 – 310cm, females 240 – 265cm, body color is orange or reddish brown, and the belly is black. They live mainly in forests, but also in wetland grasslands and riverside bushes, but their numbers have been drastically reduced due to hunting. It is listed on Appendix I of the Washington Convention and is designated as an endangered species.

Panthera tigris altaica

The Amur tiger is 2.5 meters long and lives in Russia. As they are the largest living cat species and live in cold regions, their winter coat is more than three times longer than their summer coat. There have been incidents of attacks on people and livestock, resulting in a sharp decline in retaliation. It is listed on Appendix I of the Washington Convention and is designated as an endangered species.

Panthera tigris amoyensis

The Amoy tiger used to live in China, but is now extinct. Males have a total length of 230-265 cm, females 220-240 cm, and their stripes are thick, short, and few in number.

Panthera tigris balica

The Bali tiger is a tiger that can only be seen on the Indonesian island of Bali. They were hunted for their fur and for entertainment, and became extinct around 1940. With a total length of 211 cm, it was the smallest subspecies of tigers.

Panthera tigris corbetti

The Indochinese tiger is a tiger that lives in Southeast Asia. The body length is 2.25-2.85m and the weight is 150-180kg. The fur on the back is reddish brown and the stripes are thin and short. In 2017, there were only 250 individuals left, and it is listed as an endangered species.

Panthera tigris ssp. sondaica

The Javan tiger is a tiger that can only be seen on the island of Java, Indonesia. Already extinct. The cause was deforestation and hunting. It was a small tiger, measuring 248 cm in length and weighing between 100 and 141 kg.

Panthera tigris sumatrae

The Sumatran tiger is a tiger that lives only on the Indonesian island of Sumatra. The body color is dull, yellowish-reddish brown, and there are only 300 to 500 individuals left in the wild. It is designated as an endangered species.

Panthera tigris virgata

Caspian tigers live around the Caspian Sea. Also known as Persian tiger. It is medium-sized and has a dark orange-tinged body with a dark coat on its back and a white underside. Extinct due to hunting.

About habitat

Tigers are distributed mainly in Asia. They also live in frigid regions such as Siberia and tropical regions such as Nepal and Japan.

feature is? What kind of creature is it?

Male tigers are larger than females. The snout is thick and short, and the jaws are strong. The muscles in the forelimbs are well developed and the hind limbs are suitable for jumping. The striped pattern blends in with the surroundings in bushes and obscures the outline, making it suitable for sneaking up on prey without being noticed. Tigers prefer tropical rainforests and are nocturnal and solitary. The home range is longer for Russian tigers and narrower for Asian tigers.

What is your personality like?

Tigers have a big heart and a kind personality full of humanity. If humans raise them from an early age, they may become attached to humans. He is insightful and stays calm in any situation.

What is the ecology like?

Tigers are carnivorous animals that primarily eat mammals. The mode of reproduction is viviparous. The breeding season varies depending on the region, and they tend to breed mainly from February to May in India. The gestation period is about 4 months. They give birth to 1 to 6 young at a time. Half of the young die by the second year of life, and the male may kill the young. Lifespan is about 20 years.

Do tigers have natural enemies?

Tigers have no natural enemies. Only humans.

Are tigers an endangered species?

As mentioned above, tigers are all endangered species. The reason is simple: they attack and kill humans too. As a result of retaliation, the number of cases has continued to decline sharply and is expected to continue to decline. Furthermore, their population is decreasing due to habitat destruction. Conservation efforts have begun for wild boars, elephants and lions.

Can you keep a tiger as a pet?

Tigers cannot be kept as pets. There have been incidents where tigers have killed zookeepers, which is very dangerous. We recommend viewing it at events, etc. Check out the news too.


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