Royal penguin Explaining the characteristics, ecology, and habitat


We will explain the characteristics, ecology, and habitat of the Royal Penguin. This penguin lives in and around Antarctica, and it is said that hybrids between the royal penguin and the macaroni penguin may occur. It also intersects with other penguin habitats.

Basic information about Royal Penguin

The Royal Penguin is a bird belonging to the Macaroni Penguin genus. The scientific name is Eudyptes schlegeli. This penguin is 60-70cm long and lives near Antarctica. Royal penguins can interspecies hybridize with macaroni penguins.

English(英名)Royal Penguin
scientific name(学名)Eudyptes schlegeli
classification(分類)Sphenisciformes, Spheniscidae, Eudyptes

What will happen to the classification?

Royal penguins belong to the genus Macaroniformes. The genus name is derived from the ancient Greek eu “good” and dyptes “diver”. “Macaroni” is an 18th century British word that refers to “date man.”

名前:NameGropu:属名生息地: habit
フィヨルドランドペンギン(Fiordland penguin)    Eudyptes マカロニペンギン属New Zealand
シュレーターペンギン(Erect-Crested Penguin)Eudyptes マカロニペンギン属New Zealand
スネアーズペンギン(Snares Islands Penguin)Eudyptes マカロニペンギン属New Zealand
マカロニペンギン(Macaroni Penguin)Eudyptes マカロニペンギン属Antarctica
ロイヤルペンギン(Royal Penguin)Eudyptes マカロニペンギン属Antarctica
イワトビペンギン(Rockhopper Penguin)Eudyptes マカロニペンギン属South Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Falkland Islands

About the Royal Penguin Habitat

Royal penguins live on islands near Antarctica.

feature is? What kind of creature is it?

The Royal Penguin is quite similar to the Macaroni Penguin. Most of the characteristics are similar. Like other penguins, they spend most of their days in the ocean, coming ashore for the night when it’s time to sleep. The macaroni penguin has a black face, while the royal penguin has a white face, so this is the only way to tell them apart.

What will your personality look like?

Royal penguins are adapted to living in groups by forming colonies and are considered to be highly social animals. This shows that they are highly cooperative creatures. Royal penguins build their nests without competing, even though there are king penguin nests nearby.

What is the ecology of royal penguins?

Royal penguins subsist mainly on fish and crustaceans. The breeding season is from September to October. They lay about 2 eggs, and the incubation period is about 30-40 days. The chicks form a crescent and then leave the nest. The average lifespan of a macaroni penguin is approximately 12 to 15 years.

What are the royal penguin’s natural enemies?

The royal penguin’s natural enemies include birds such as the skuas, southern elephant seals, and giant petrels. There are many enemies from the sky.

Are royal penguins an endangered species?

The estimated population of royal penguins is 850,000. The number seems to be decreasing year by year, and the reasons are as follows.

Competition with fishing industry

Human populations are also increasing, and we are now catching more fish through fishing. This makes it difficult for macaroni penguins to secure food. Furthermore, due to global warming, it is no longer possible to catch fish that used to be nearby.

Effects of marine pollution

There is also the impact of marine pollution. Chemicals are flowing into the ocean from oil tankers, causing further pollution. It is also believed that female penguins’ reproductive ability is declining.

Is it possible to keep royal penguins?

Royal penguins are listed as an endangered species. Furthermore, since the animals live near Antarctica, equipment that can reproduce that environment at room temperature is required, which can be quite a hurdle.


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