What kind of bird is a white-tailed eagle? About characteristics, ecology, and habitat


What kind of bird is a white-tailed eagle? We will explain its characteristics, ecology, and habitat. With a wingspan of 220 cm, it is quite strong among eagles and hawks. White-tailed eagles can be seen not only in Eurasia but also in Denmark and other countries.

What is a white-tailed eagle? About basic status

The white-tailed eagle is a bird classified in the genus White-tailed Eagle, in the order Accipitridae and in the family Accipitridae. Total length is 70-98cm, wingspan 180-240cm. Weight will be 3 – 7 kg. The scientific name is Haliaeetus albicilla, and the kanji is “tailed eagle”. The list of information is as follows.

English(英名)White-tailed eagle
scientific name(学名)Haliaeetus albicilla
classification(分類)Ave、 Accipitriformes、Accipitridae、Haliaeetus
Length(全長)70 – 98cm
Weight(体重)3 – 7kg

About classification

There are two subspecies of white-tailed eagles.

Haliaeetus albicilla albicilla 

It is found throughout the world, except in Greenland. They mainly fly to Hokkaido from Russia during the winter.

Haliaeetus albicilla groenlandicus

Individuals found only in Greenland correspond to this subspecies.

About habitat

The white-tailed eagle is distributed in Eurasia, Japan, and Denmark.

feature is? What kind of creature is it?

White-tailed eagles are members of the eagle and hawk family, and like the Steller’s sea eagle, females are larger than males. The whole body is dark brown, and the head is covered with pale brown or pale yellow feathers. The tail has 12 short feathers, and the tail is slightly wedge-shaped. The color of the tail feathers is white. It migrates throughout Japan as a winter bird. Their habitat is coasts, rivers, lakes, etc.

What does the ecology look like?

White-tailed eagles are carnivorous, preying on fish, birds, and mammals. They also often eat carcasses. Prey is often captured by swooping down. The reproductive form is oviparous. The female lays two eggs at a time in March-April and incubates them. They reach sexual maturity at 5-6 years of age and have a lifespan of about 20 years.

Are there any natural enemies?

White-tailed eagles have no natural enemies. It is the highest bird in the sky.

Is the white-tailed eagle an endangered species?

White-tailed eagles are the largest species of eagles and hawks, so they have no natural predators. Therefore, it is not an endangered species. The population is stable. However, it is designated as an endangered species in Japan. Their numbers are drastically decreasing due to the destruction of nesting grounds due to deforestation, land reclamation, and road construction. It is designated as an endangered species. It is also listed in the Washington Convention. It is a wild bird designated as a natural monument by the Ministry of the Environment, and in 1993, it was designated as a domestic rare species of wild fauna and flora under the enforcement of the Species Conservation Act.

Can white-tailed eagles be kept as pets?

Because of the above, it is difficult to keep them as pets. Because it is large, you can take good photos even in nature. In Japan, they winter in the northern part of Japan, so let’s take some photos.


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