Is Chihuahua breeding cruel? Explaining the characteristics, personality, and care of dogs


Is mating a male and female Chihuahua cruel? I will explain the characteristics, personality, and care of a Chihuahua as I keep one at home. This dog, which is said to have originated in Mexico, poses a great risk when breeding, so care must be taken. Chihuahuas in particular are said to have a higher “birth risk” than other dog breeds.

What is a Chihuahua? What kind of dog is it?

What is a Chihuahua? What kind of dog is it? First, we will explain the information in a list as an overview. Their body size is very small, and when they are young, they are at most the size of a pea. They are fundamentally different from larger dogs, so if you have any concerns, it is important to take them to a hospital.

About history

It is said that the ancestor of the Chihuahua is probably the Techichi. During the Toltec civilization, the Techichi was kept by tribes living around Mexico, and is depicted on ruins, sculptures, and pottery, and has been kept since the Aztec Kingdom. However, after the Spanish invasion in the Middle Ages, the Techichi was preyed upon for food and became extinct. However, some of them were kept in America and other places, and it is said that the survivors became Chihuahuas.

About characteristics

The Chihuahua is a small dog with a distinctive round head. It is well known as the smallest dog breed in the world. It is 15-25 cm tall and weighs 1-3 kg. As it was born in Mexico, it is a breed that is weak to the cold. There are two types of coat: smooth coat and long coat. Both types have a double coat, so they shed a lot during the shedding season. There are no strict rules for coat color, and they come in a variety of colors, including black, white, and cream. The average lifespan of a Chihuahua is 13.8 years.

About personality

Chihuahuas are sweet and playful, but they also have a tendency to boldly face their enemies. They are cautious and proud, so they will bark and bite at strangers and children. They are somewhat active, but you can enjoy living with a Chihuahua even more by training them properly.

Is Chihuahua breeding cruel? Why?

Is Chihuahua breeding cruel? We will explain the reasons. Small dogs are more likely to be artificially bred than large dogs, and in some cases help is needed. Puppies look very cute, but even if brothers or sisters are born, there is a risk of some disease. Whether male or female, if you have children, owners and breeders should think about the future when raising them.

There are risks of childbirth

Small dog breeds have many unique risks during menstruation, mating, pregnancy, and childbirth. Natural childbirth is difficult due to the narrow pelvis, so incision childbirth is common. Mother dogs are at risk of surgery, and there is a risk of infection and complications. When breeding, be careful with females. Compared to humans, the probability is fairly high and they are not always born healthy. Be careful when having and experiencing children at home. If the environment is difficult, difficult childbirth is more likely.

Risk of inbreeding

There is also inbreeding. It is warned that inbreeding should be avoided when breeding Chihuahuas. It is known that this can cause many genetic disorders, and genetic abnormalities accumulate, making them prone to congenital heart disease. This is also a dog that can cause anxiety and worry if you don’t know about it. You may also need to have them examined to see if they are healthy.

Risk of genetic diseases

There is also a risk of genetic diseases. These include patellar luxation, ear diseases, and eye diseases. These diseases tend to be more likely to develop due to the unique genes that Chihuahuas inherit. Due to these problems, the survival rate is said to be lower than other dogs, and it is also said to have a negative effect on brain development. It is also known that these diseases shorten the lifespan.

How to raise a Chihuahua

We will explain how to raise a Chihuahua. Please pay attention to the following points and the list when raising it. If you do not have the knowledge, you will need to take it to a veterinary clinic when symptoms occur.

What is the selling price?

Chihuahuas can be purchased for about 100,000 to 300,000 yen in Japanese yen. In general, Chihuahuas are mainly purchased at pet shops, adopted by zoos and animal protection centers. If you are going to adopt one, you should first take a look around. There are many Chihuahuas that are difficult to get used to due to their age. If you are looking for a new Mameshiba, a smart and affectionate Chihuahua is a good choice.

Be careful of diseases

Chihuahuas are destined to be prone to very unique diseases. Because of the high disease rate, they often end up short-lived. We strongly recommend that you understand this before raising them.

Necessary equipment

The necessary equipment is the same as for ordinary cats. All you need is a carrier bag, pet food, air conditioning, a toilet, a cage, a harness, toys, etc. The following article introduces pet care equipment, so please take a look.


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