Are Ragdolls beautiful? Cat characteristics, personality, and care explained Kittens are very popular


Are Ragdolls beautiful? We will explain the characteristics, personality, and care of the cat. It is a long-haired cat that is quite popular worldwide. With blue eyes and white, smooth fur, there is a high demand for them, and they are actually kept in many households.

What kind of cat is a Ragdoll?

What kind of cat is a Ragdoll? We will explain the information in detail. If you use blogs and services such as free photos and posted video pages, you will see that the fur color is very beautiful and you will want to hold it. When you have time, take a look at videos of cute boys and girls after birth later.

About history

Ragdolls are not naturally occurring cats. It is thought to have been born by crossing a white Persian with a seal point Birman or Burmese. It is a relatively new breed registered in the United States in 1965 and in the UK in 1983, and has since become a popular cat worldwide. Recently, more and more families are welcoming them beyond the breeds such as Maine Coons, Munchkins, Scottish Folds and American Shorthairs. It is easy to make a deal at a pet shop.

About characteristics

As the name Ragdoll suggests, the Ragdoll has a body like a stuffed animal. It is characterized by its silky fur and clear blue eyes. Males weigh 6-9kg and females weigh 4.5-6kg, making them large cats with a sturdy body. It takes several years for them to reach adult size. Their overall color is generally white. The average lifespan of a Ragdoll is 13 to 15 years.

About Personality

Ragdolls tend to have calm personalities, and are very calm cats, making them very suitable for breeding. They have a gentle personality and do not play violently, so they are also suitable for beginners. Ragdolls are one of the easiest cats to keep.

Are Ragdolls beautiful? Why?

Ragdolls are said to be beautiful. What is the reason for this? Regardless of gender, care should be taken when handling them.

Pure white fur

Ragdolls are long-haired cats, but they can also have pure white fur, which gives them a very beautiful and elegant appearance. This is why they are named Ragdoll in English. They are so beautiful, like stuffed animals, that they got this name. It is said that Ragdolls are several steps above beautiful human women.

Transparent blue eyes

One of the characteristics of Ragdolls is their transparent blue eyes. These eyes are very beautiful compared to other cats, and look like sparkling diamonds. If you are stared at by these beautiful eyes, you will probably freeze up or get excited. They have such beautiful eyes that they are enchanting.

Behave like an adult

Ragdolls do not get much more exercise than other cats. Their calm behavior, like that of an adult human, is reminiscent of a gentleman. It is 100% impossible for cats to serve humans, but their calm demeanor still charms humans.

How to raise a Ragdoll

We will explain how to raise a Ragdoll. Please pay attention to the following points and the list when raising it. If you do not have the knowledge, you will need to take it to a veterinary clinic when symptoms occur.

What is the selling price?

Today, Ragdolls can be purchased for about 100,000 to 200,000 yen in Japanese yen. In general, cats are mainly purchased at pet shops, adopted by zoos and animal protection centers. If you are going to adopt a cat, you should first look around. Many cats are not familiar with each other due to their age. If you are looking for a new cat, it is better to have a smart cat that you can show affection to.

Diseases to watch out for

The most common disease is hairball syndrome. In the case of Ragdolls, they are long-haired breeds, and when they groom themselves, the hair they swallow little by little is not vomited out properly and remains in the digestive tract, causing various symptoms in the stomach and intestines. Brush them moderately every day. In summer, the large amount of hair can cause heatstroke and dehydration, so be careful. Use an air conditioner to thoroughly control the room temperature. You should also get pet insurance.

Necessary equipment

The necessary equipment and supplies are the same as for a normal cat. A carrier bag, pet food, air conditioning, a litter box, a cage, a cat tower, toys, etc. are all you need. Equipment is also introduced in the following article, so please refer to it.


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