Will you regret getting a Singapura? Explaining the cat’s characteristics and kitten’s personality


Will you regret owning a Singapura? We will explain its characteristics and personality. This cat is native to Singapore and is the smallest of the officially recognized pure breeds in the world. Therefore, it is very cute, and many people actually keep it as a pet, but many people regret owning it.

What is a Singapura? What kind of cat is it?

The Singapura is very popular because it is a small cat. But what kind of cat is it? Let me introduce it to you. Personally, I recommend it more than the Bengal. It is cuter than larger cats, so if you are interested, take a look at photos and other posts. Compared to Maine Coons, there are many new adoptions.


As its name suggests, the Singapura is a cat breed discovered in Singapore in the 1970s. Although it was originally seen occasionally in Singapore, it was not of interest to local people, but it became widely known when it was brought to the United States by the Americans, Mr. and Mrs. Meadow. It was officially registered in 1979. You can now see it in videos and other media.

Characteristics of the Singapura

The Singapura is a small cat, with adult males only weighing about 2kg. It has a muscular, solid body. Its short fur is soft and silky to the touch. The ears are large and erect, with a wide base, and are set apart from the round face. It is said to be the smallest of all recognized cat breeds. The Singapura’s coat color is sepia. By the way, due to skeletal problems, it cannot sit in the “sitting position”.

Singapura’s personality

As you would expect from its small body, the Singapura is very affectionate. It also makes a small noise and rarely meows, so it is a very docile cat. However, it has a very strong curiosity and shows interest in everything. It is also nicknamed the “little rowdy cat”. It is also highly intelligent and is said to be able to understand what people are saying, making it a very smart cat.

Singapura’s diseases

Singapura’s diseases include “idiopathic cystitis”, which causes repeated toilet visits and bloody urine, and “pyruvate kinase deficiency”, which causes anemia. It is by no means invincible, so be sure to take it to the veterinary hospital. Although it is less expensive than treating a Scottish Fold, Munchkin, or Abyssinian, pet treatment is still expensive.

Will you regret owning a Singapura? Why?

Singapuras are small and cute. However, it is said that you will regret owning one. We will introduce the reasons why.

Can’t travel

As explained above, Singapuras are very docile cats, but compared to other cat breeds, they are very clingy and have a needy side. This is why it is often difficult to travel with them. You will have to decide whether to leave them with a pet sitter or with your family. If you want to keep one now, you need to consult with your family.

Chewing here and there

This is not often seen in other cats, but for some reason, Singapuras chew on cushions, chairs, stuffed animals, etc. This tendency is seen in other cats, but I feel that this is quite noticeable in Singapuras. It is said that if you don’t play with them a lot, it will cause stress. They also shed hair from their bodies and heads as they live their lives.

Running around early in the morning and late at night

Singapuras often run around early in the morning and late at night. This was also a more cautious behavior than other cats. Even if they want to sleep at night, they will be woken up because a sports day will be held. They may be very cautious at first, but once they get used to you, they will relax and become active.

They really don’t like winter

Cats are temperate or tropical creatures, but Singapuras were born in tropical Singapore, so they are very sensitive to the cold, especially in winter. If the room is air-conditioned and warm, there is no problem, but it is best to provide heating as much as possible.

Can you keep a Singapura? Here are some things to be aware of

Can you keep a Singapura? Here are some things to be aware of. If you watch videos on YouTube, you can find out about how to care for them at home, such as their diet and behavior. Let’s see if you can start keeping them casually.

Price range

In the case of Singapuras, they are mainly purchased from pet shops, adopted from health centers, or adopted from zoos. If you buy one for sale, the market price is 100,000 to 200,000 yen. The important thing is whether the owner will like it and get used to it. The concern is that they are not very suitable for keeping multiple pets. If the relationship does not go well at all, it is easy to fail.

Someone who can play with them

As mentioned above, it is limited to people who can play with them at home. It is not suitable for people who go on overseas trips, etc. The reason is that they are spoiled. It is best to have someone who can actively make time to spend with them on walks, etc. They love communicating with people, so be sure to make time for 5 to 10 minutes every day. Give them toys, etc. It is a little difficult, especially after birth, as there is a lot to deal with.

Necessary equipment for raising a cat

The necessary equipment for raising a cat is exactly the same as for other cats. Air conditioning, pet food, a cage, a carrier bag, and even a litter box and bed will be perfect. We have also introduced this in the following article, so please refer to it when purchasing.


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