Why are people saying that Munchkin cats are pitiful? About cat characteristics and personalities


Among the cats we have seen, why are the popular Munchkin cats with their short legs said to be pitiful? We will explain the characteristics and personality of cats. This rare breed, known as a very cute cat with short legs, is said to be very pitiful. What is the reason for this? We will explain.

Are Munchkins poor cats?

Cats with bone deformities, such as Munchkins, are at risk of developing osteochondrodysplasia. As osteochondrodysplasia is a genetic disease, there is no way to prevent it. The genetic deformity causes physical abnormalities and increases the risk of death, such as stillbirth. For this reason, Munchkins, which are at high risk of developing the condition, are said to be very pitiful cats. The same is true for Scottish Folds, who suffer from folded ears. Breeders are also to blame. People say that the way they sit (scoot-sitting) due to arthritis is cute, but it is a strain on the cat itself.

What is a Munchkin? What kind of cat is it?

So, from here, why did the Munchkin cat come into being in the first place? We will explain its history, personality, and characteristics. If you are thinking of raising a Munchkin cat in the future, please refer to this article.

Where does the Munchkin cat originate? About the history

The Munchkin is a type of cat that originated in North America. It is a cat that was born from a mutation characterized by short legs, and is quite popular all over the world. The Munchkin cat has long been recognized as a species that was born from a mutation. It was already confirmed in the Soviet Union in the 1940s, the United States in the 1970s, and even in the same United States in the 1980s.

It was in the 1980s that it became fully recognized. A person who rescued a Munchkin cat that had been found in Louisiana in the United States tried to breed it. Eventually, a breeder-led crossbreeding plan using the mutant began, and the number of Munchkin cats increased in earnest. For these reasons, the International Cat Association (TICA) recognized the breed as a new breed in 1995.

What is the origin of the name Munchkin?

The name Munchkin comes from the English word “munchkin,” which means small or child. Therefore, many households call them Munchkins in Japanese. Since their legs are very small, they look like children, which is why they were given this name.

What are the characteristics of Munchkins?

As mentioned above, Munchkins are characterized by their short legs. In fact, there are also other types, such as “long-legged” cats that are about the same length as normal cats, and “medium-legged” cats that are about the same length. Therefore, there are many different types. Their coat colors are white, black, and brown, with a wide variety of variations. There are also various colors for their eyes, such as amber, green, hazel, red, blue, and odd eyes.

What is the personality of Munchkins like?

Munchkins have a lot of individual differences in their personalities. However, overall, they have a very calm and gentle personality. Although they are cautious animals, once they become attached to you, they are highly sociable and easy to get along with people. They can live with other cats and animals, so you can keep multiple cats. There are some differences in personality between males and females.

Male Munchkin Cats

Males are affectionate and curious. They are very active cats, energetic, and in fact, they love to play. Therefore, be careful as they may play too much and get injured.

Female Munchkin Cats

Female Munchkin Cats are quieter than males. They can also be said to have a more mature personality, and can sometimes be cool and uncute. They are very nervous during this time because they give birth and raise their young.

There are four varieties of Munchkin Cats

Did you know that there are four varieties of Munchkin Cats? They can be further divided into the following four categories. The characteristics differ depending on the variety. Some varieties, such as the Minuet, have a cute way of sitting. Some are famous, and some companies even raise them. It’s good to know about them.


Purebreds have been crossbred with various species, and there is a wide variety of coat colors. They originate in America, and are characterized by their short tails and inquisitive personalities.


The Minuet is a breed that was born by crossing with a Persian. Although it is characterized by its luxurious coat and short legs, it is not very wary and is particularly easy to get attached to people. Since it is a cross with a Persian, its somewhat haughty face is a concern.


The Skookum is a breed that was created by crossing a Munchkin with a Lapalm. It has curly hair and is characterized by relatively little shedding.


The Kinkalow is a breed that was created by crossbreeding with the American Curl. It has round eyes and curled ears, and is a cheerful and sociable cat.

Is it possible to keep them as pets? Points and things to be careful of

Of course, it is possible to keep them as pets. There are some points and things to be careful of when keeping them. We recommend that you pay attention to the points in the list below when keeping them. As a measure against illness, we recommend living in a place where there is a veterinarian (animal hospital) nearby. Be careful so that you don’t regret having a lot of problems. They have a cute appearance and are really high in the popularity rankings in the cat category. When you have time, please keep an eye on their health.

Price range

The average price is 200,000 to 350,000 yen in Japanese yen. They can be purchased in pet shops, stores looking for foster parents, and even from rescue centers. In addition to being able to visit pet shops freely, there is the advantage that you can join pet insurance at the same time as purchasing. In addition, you can also take them from a rescue center to reduce the number of cats that are euthanized. Owners should consider this when welcoming them into their family.

Create a place to exercise

Cats love exercise very much, and this breed is no different. Due to their size and constitution, they are prone to gain weight easily, and obesity can lead to diseases such as hernias, so you need to be creative and install a cat tower in the room or take them for walks. They will be happy if you play with them using toys.

Don’t leave anything around them that they can swallow by mistake

Cats are curious and love to play, so they are interested in anything and will chase anything that moves. Therefore, be careful of them swallowing things by mistake. Do not leave small objects around them that may be swallowed by mistake.

Feed them according to their age and purpose

Feed them according to their age and purpose. If they get fat, they will be more susceptible to illness and will need a lot of exercise. The appropriate amount of food for a kitten is about 100 to 200 calories x body weight, and for an adult cat, about 70 to 80 calories x body weight.

Be careful of the humidity in the room

Cats are originally derived from the African wildcat, which lived in the desert, so they are resistant to heat, but if the temperature exceeds 30 degrees, they will gradually become uncomfortable. Be careful not to get dehydrated due to the heat, especially in the summer. Air conditioning and heating are essential. They are weak in winter, so please keep them warm.


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