What kind of animal is an ocelot? Explanation of its characteristics, ecology, and habitat. A cat that appears in an illustrated book.


What kind of animal is the ocelot, a large member of the cat family? We will explain its characteristics, ecology, and habitat. This cat is a carnivore that is found in North America, Central and South America. It is also found in parts of Mexico and Texas, USA, and can be seen in grasslands and near human settlements.

What is Ocelot? Basic Stats

Ocelots are carnivores classified in the Felidae family of the Carnivora order of the Mammalia class, and the Leopardus genus. Their scientific name is Leopardus pardalis, and their English name is Ocelot. They are larger than domestic cats, with a body length of 65-120cm, weight of 9-16kg, and a tail length of 28-45cm. A list of information is below.

scientific name(学名)Leopardus pardalis
classification(分類)Mammalia、Artiodactyl、 Bovidae、Oryx


Ocelots are found in North America and throughout northern South America, including Argentina.

What are their characteristics? What kind of creature are they?

Ocelots are medium-sized cats with short fur that ranges from gray to yellowish white or light brown. The insides of the legs and abdomen are white. Their limbs are sturdy and have orange markings bordered by black spots. There are also small black spots on their heads and limbs. Although they are active during the day, ocelots are nocturnal and often rest in tree holes or on top of trees during the day. They live in tropical rainforests and deep woodlands.

What is their personality like?

Ocelots have a typical cat-like personality and prefer to be alone. Their range of movement is 1 to 3 km and they have a territorial consciousness. Males have a wider range of movement than females.

What is their ecology like?

Ocelots live by preying on small animals such as mice and fish seeds. Ocelots are terrestrial animals, but they are also good at climbing trees and can catch squirrels and monkeys. The gestation period is about 70 days, and they can give birth to one baby at a time. Females are usually responsible for raising the young, and after a few months the young begin hunting with their parents. Their lifespan is about 20 years.

Do they have any natural enemies?

Ocelots have no significant natural enemies.

Are ocelots endangered?

Ocelots are listed in Appendix I of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), and international trade is restricted. Ocelot fur is very expensive and they are also very friendly to humans, so they are overhunted and are designated as endangered in many countries in Central and South America. They are mostly protected animals at present.

Can you keep ocelots as pets?

Ocelots are cats that are very friendly to humans, so we highly recommend them, but they are strictly controlled in Central and South America and are not easy to obtain. We recommend that you see them at zoos. They have beautiful bodies like small leopards, and you can see detailed photos and images on the internet. You can also find videos of wildcats.


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