What kind of animal is a porcupine? About characteristics, ecology, and habitat


What kind of animal is a porcupine? We will explain its characteristics, ecology, and habitat. Their bodies are covered with long needles with modified hairs, and the length of the needles is very long, making it difficult for carnivores. Although they are an animal with a very stable population, they can remain calm even in the presence of carnivorous animals, which makes them very pretentious.

What is a porcupine? About basic status

Porcupines are mammals belonging to the Porcupineidae and Porcupineidae families. The scientific name is Hystricidae (Erethizontidae). The kanji are Yamaara and Gobo. The body length is 90cm and the weight is 2kg. The list of information is as follows. Since it becomes a rodent, it is a member of the rat family. The English name is porcupine.

scientific name(学名) Hystricidae(Erethizontidae)
classification(分類)Mammalia、Rodentia、 Hystricidae(Erethizontidae)

About classification

Porcupines are mammals belonging to the Porcupineidae and Porcupineidae families. Only the western Indian porcupine is extinct, but the following subspecies exist for each species. This is a quote from Wikipedia.

ヤマアラシ科 Hystricidae

  • アフリカフサオヤマアラシ Atherurus africanus
  • アジアフサオヤマアラシ Atherurus macrourus
  • アフリカタテガミヤマアラシ Hystrix cristata
  • ケープタテガミヤマアラシ Hystrix africaeaustralis
  • ヒマラヤヤマアラシ Hystrix hodgsoni
  • インドタテガミヤマアラシ Hystrix indica
  • マレーヤマアラシ Hystrix brachyura
  • ボルネオヤマアラシ Thecurus crassispinis
  • パラワンヤマアラシ Thecurus pumilis
  • スマトラヤマアラシ Thecurus sumatrae
  • ネズミヤマアラシ Trichys fasciculata

アメリカヤマアラシ科 Erethizontidae

  • オマキヤマアラシ Coendou prehensilis
  • フタイロオマキヤマアラシ Coendou bicolor
  • クープマンヤマアラシ Coendou koopmani
  • ロスチャイルドヤマアラシ Coendou rothschildi
  • メキシコキノボリヤマアラシ Sphiggurus mexicanus
  • ミナミキノボリヤマアラシ Sphiggurus spinosus
  • オグロキノボリヤマアラシ Sphiggurus insidiosus
  • ニシインドキノボリヤマアラシ Sphiggurus pallidus
  • コロンビアキノボリヤマアラシ Sphiggurus vestitus
  • チャイロキノボリヤマアラシ Sphiggurus villosus
  • カナダヤマアラシ Erethizon dorsatum
  • アマゾンヤマアラシ Echinoprocta rufescens

About habitat

Porcupines naturally live in Europe and other Eurasian continents, as well as North and South America, and can be seen in a wide range of areas.

feature is? What kind of creature is it?

Porcupines are a general term for herbivorous rodents and are destined to be targeted by their natural enemies, but they have long, sharp needle-like hairs on their backs that they use to attack their predators. The length of the needle is 50 cm, making the body look larger and making it a powerful weapon. They tend to live by digging holes. Porcupines do not form groups, are nocturnal and live alone.

What is your personality like?

Porcupines are usually very gentle, but before an enemy approaches or attacks them, they will make a threat and erect all the spines on their backs. It charges backwards and rams its body, resulting in fatal injuries to the opponent.

What does the ecology look like?

Porcupines live by eating plants such as leaves, bark, roots, bark, buds, and fruits. It is known that they can live up to 17 years. Only 1-2 babies are born at a time.

Are there any natural enemies?

Since porcupines are rodents, all carnivores are their natural enemies, but as explained above, they can use their spines to lunge at carnivores and inflict fatal injuries. The needles are so hard that they are said to be strong enough to penetrate rubber boots, and can cause fatal injuries to even humans.

Is the porcupine an endangered species?

Although there are some species that have become extinct, the overall population is stable and there are no problems.

Can you keep a porcupine as a pet?

Porcupines have sharp spines, so they are not suitable for breeding at all. Even humans can be seriously injured. There is information on events such as zoos, so we recommend that you check them out. Once you enter the park, it will be on display inside the park, so be sure to wait until it opens.


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