What kind of cat (animal) is KodKod? Explaining the characteristics, ecology, and habitat of cats


What kind of cat is the Kodkod, a small spotted cat found in Argentina and Chile? We will explain its body length, characteristics, ecology, and habitat. This cat is very well known in South America and is a wild cat, so it is not a domestic cat. This cat has a cute face and is about half the size of a domestic cat, making it a highly recommended animal.

What is KodKod? About basic status

KodKod is a carnivorous animal classified in the Carnivora order, Felidae family, Ocelot genus. The scientific name is Leopardus guigna. The body length is 40-52cm and the weight is 2-3kg. This cute cat lives secretly in the forests of Chile and Argentina in South America.

scientific name(学名)Leopardus guigna
classification(分類)Mammalia、 Carnivora、Felidae、Leopardus

About classification

It is classified as ocelot. The genus ocelot is a genus in the class Mammalia, order Carnivora, family Felidae, subfamily Felinae, and refers to the small cats of the Americas. They are an indigenous American tribe.

About habitat

It lives in the forest areas of Argentina and Chile.

feature is? What kind of creature is it?

KodKod has a cute face and is about the same size as a domestic cat. It is the smallest wildcat in North and South America. The fur on the back is grayish brown or pale yellowish brown with black spots. There is also a black spot at the base of the tail. There are almost no spots on the face. The auricles are rounded. They can also climb trees and hide in them. They are often active at night.

What is your personality like?

KodKod has a very timid personality. They are very mysterious animals and live secretly, so if humans approach them, they will get scared and run away immediately.

About ecology

Like other cats, the KodKod makes a living by preying on insects and small mammals such as the Southern lapwing, Austral thrush, Chukao tapakuro, Huet, house goose, and chicken. This cat is a mysterious cat with little known about its ecology. It is unknown if there are any natural enemies. The gestation period is 2 months, and it is possible to give birth to 1-3 calves at a time. The lifespan is said to be about 10 years.

Is the KodKod an endangered species?

Unfortunately, the population of KodKod is decreasing due to the following reasons. It is designated as an endangered species.


Deforestation has become a major problem. KodKod lives mainly in forests, so if this habitat is taken away, there will be no place for them to survive.

Expansion of plantations and agriculture

Plantations and agriculture are expanding in Chile and Argentina, which are the habitats of the cod. Cats that have lost their habitat attack livestock and are exterminated by their sisters, farmers, creating a vicious cycle.

Is it possible to keep KodKod?

It is said that the Kodo Kodo population is extremely small, and breeding them is extremely difficult.


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