What kind of bird is the Scarlet Macaw? Learn about its characteristics, ecology, and habitat. See it at the zoo.


What kind of bird is the Scarlet Macaw? We will explain its characteristics, ecology, and habitat. Speaking of parrots, they are very popular as pets. They are a large parrot found in Central America, mostly living in trees, and have very distinctive colorful patterns.

What is a Scarlet Macaw? Basic Stats

The Buffon’s Macaw is a bird belonging to the Psittacidae family of parrots. Its English name is “Buffon’s Macaw” and its scientific name is Ara ambigus. Its total length is 85-90cm, its wingspan is 110-125cm, and its weight is 1.0-1.3kg. A list of information is below. For more information on Scarlet Macaws in general, please see the following article.

English(英名)Buffon’s Macaw
scientific name(学名)Ara ambigus
classification(分類)Ave、  Psittaciformes、 Psittacidae


The Scarlet Macaw is found in Central America, including Nicaragua, Colombia, Honduras, and Panama.

What are its characteristics? What is it like?

The Scarlet Macaw is a beautiful bird with a yellow-green or green color all over its body, and boasts a long lifespan. Its tail feathers are light blue with a red band, it has a large hooked beak, and is black in color. It is well known for its large body and long tail feathers among parrots. This parrot lives in forest areas from lowlands to mountainous areas, and is known as a resident bird in its distribution area.

What is its personality like?

Many Scarlet Macaws are cheerful and docile. They also tend to be very good at communication because they talk a lot. They are intelligent and have a gentle personality, so they are characterized by being very tame. They do not form large flocks, and prefer to be alone.

What is its ecology?

Scarlet Macaws mainly live on fruits, seeds, and insects. They are oviparous, and the breeding season varies depending on the region. They lay about two eggs in a cavity near the crown of a large tree. The chicks become independent at about 18 to 20 weeks. They are said to live for over 100 years, but in reality, most live for around 50 years.

Do they have any natural predators?

The Scarlet Macaw is a very large bird, so it doesn’t have many natural predators. However, the chicks are targeted and eaten by peregrine falcons and condors.

Is the Scarlet Macaw an endangered species?

Unfortunately, the Scarlet Macaw is designated as an endangered species. The main causes are deforestation due to development, hunting, and over-hunting as pets. Conservation efforts are being carried out in each country in the range of the species, and efforts are being made to restore the population.

Can Scarlet Macaws be kept as pets?

Scarlet Macaws are designated as endangered species, so they cannot be kept as pets. They are rarely sold on the market, and cannot be priced. Therefore, they are extremely difficult to obtain. Information is available at zoo events, etc., once you enter the zoo. Visit the site map to see how this animal is handled within the zoo. Check the event information from the top based on the calendar.


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