What is the Collared Peccary? An explanation of its characteristics, ecology, and habitat


What kind of animal is the collared peccary? We will explain its characteristics, ecology, and habitat. It is a member of the peccary family, but when you look at its appearance, it looks just like a wild boar. However, it is a different species of animal. This animal can be seen quite widely in the Americas.

What is a Collared Peccary? Basic Stats

The Collared Peccary is a mammal resembling a wild boar that lives in North and South America. Its English name is Collared Peccary, and its scientific name is Tayassu tajacui. Its body length is 75-95cm, its weight is 18-30kg, and its tail length is 1.5-5cm. The list of information is as follows.

English(英名)Collared Peccary
scientific name(学名)Tayassu tajacui


Collared peccaries are found in Central America, as well as southern North America, including Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona, and also in Colombia, Brazil, and Argentina.

What are its characteristics? What kind of creature is it?

Collared peccaries are small among peccaries. Their body color is dark gray, gray-black, black, etc. from their shoulders to their neck, and they have a white or yellowish brown band that looks like a collar, hence the name. They have three toes on their hind feet and two pairs of nipples, and they have poor vision and hearing. Instead, they have a well-developed sense of smell. Collared peccaries can be found in forest areas, valleys, mountains, deserts, and savannas.

What is their personality like?

Collared peccaries are very social animals. They usually live in groups of about 50, and there is no hierarchical relationship within the group. They are active during the cool hours of the day and night.

What is their ecology like?

Collared peccaries live by eating nuts, fruits, rhizomes, cacti, and insects. Collared peccaries breed throughout the year, and their gestation period is about four months. They live for 20 years.

Do they have any natural predators?

Collared peccaries is eaten by pumas and jaguars.

Are collared peccaries an endangered species?

The collared peccary’s population is very stable and they are not an endangered species. They are often exterminated as pests due to the damage they cause to crops and because they have been known to attack people in urban areas.

Can you keep collared peccaries as pets?

Collared peccaries are not recommended as pets. Due to their aggressive nature, it is best to view them at a zoo. You can currently see information about exhibits on their website.


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