What is European ground squirrel? Explanation of characteristics, ecology, and habitat


What is the European ground squirrel (Spermophilus citellus)? There are many photos and materials available online, but I will explain its characteristics, ecology, and habitat. As the name suggests, the European ground squirrel is a squirrel that lives in Europe. However, it is designated as an endangered species. It is already confirmed to be extinct in most of Europe.

What is European ground squirrel? About basic status

The European Ground Squirrel is a rodent classified in the Mammalia class Rodentia family Squirrel family Squirrel genus. The scientific name is Spermophilus citellus. The body length is 17.6 – 23cm and the weight is 0.2 – 0.4kg. As the name suggests, this is an animal that primarily lives in Europe. A list of basic information is below. If you search for keywords, you will often find free internet services and pages that feature images, photos, and other illustrations at the top.

English(英名)European souslik/European ground squirrel
scientific name(学名)Spermophilus citellus
classification(分類)Mammalia、 Rodentia、 Sciuridae、Spermophilus
Length(体長)17.6 – 23cm
Weight(体重)0.2 – 0.4kg

About habitat

The European ground squirrel was reintroduced in Poland. It used to be widely distributed throughout Europe, including Ukraine, Austria, Spain, Germany, Turkey, and Croatia, but it has become extinct.

feature is? What kind of creature is it?

The European ground squirrel has a grayish-brown back with yellowish-white spots. It prefers to live in natural farmlands and grasslands at altitudes between 900 and 2,500 meters. They live in burrows about 1 meter underground, are mainly diurnal, and tend to live alone. During the winter, they hibernate in their burrows.

What is the ecology like?

European ground squirrels subsist on grasses, roots, and berries. They stuff food into their cheek pouches and carry it to their burrows for storage. The gestation period is one month, and it is possible to give birth to 2 to 9 puppies at a time. The European ground squirrel has a lifespan of about 8 to 10 years.

Are there any natural enemies?

European ground squirrels have natural enemies such as weasels, foxes, and domestic cats. All large carnivores become natural enemies and are preyed upon.

Is the European ground squirrel an endangered species?

Unfortunately, the European ground squirrel is listed as an endangered species. Over the past 10 years, more than 30% of the individuals have become extinct, and the situation is critical. The habitat of squirrels has been greatly reduced and fragmented due to conversion of pastureland to cultivation and forestry.

Can European ground squirrels be kept?

The European ground squirrel is designated as an endangered species, and it is extremely difficult for the general public to keep it. It is realistic to see them at zoos, etc.


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