What kind of animal is a lion? Explanation of characteristics, ecology, and habitat Animals that appear in illustrated books


What kind of animal is a lion? We will explain its characteristics, ecology, and habitat. Lions are the largest cat species and can often be seen in zoos. However, they are also very ferocious animals and can even kill humans. I will explain what kind of characteristics it has.

What is a lion? About basic status

A lion is a carnivorous animal classified in the class Mammalia, order Carnivora, family Felidae, genus Leopard, and its scientific name is Panthera leo. The kanji is shi. They are famous throughout the world and are known as the “kings of beasts” and are generally considered to be the strongest animals. It has a very distinctive mane and is the strongest cat in the world. The body length is 140-250cm and the weight is 120-225kg. Tail length for males: 90 – 105 cm, females: 70 – 100 cm. Shoulder height: male 123cm, female 107cm.

scientific name(学名)Panthera leo
classification(分類)Mammalia、 Carnivora、Felidae、Panthera

About classification

Lions are distributed mainly in Africa, but can also be found in the Middle East. There are subspecies as below, each with their own characteristics.

Scientific Name
India Lion
Panthera leo leoNorthern, western and central Africa, India
Africa Lion
Panthera leo melanochaitaSouthern and eastern African continent
sri lanka lion
Panthera leo sinhaleyussri lanka
european cave lion
Panthera leo fossilisEurope
cave lion
Panthera spelaeaFrom Eurasia to North America
american lion
Panthera atroxUSA

Panthera leo leo

A modern lion. It is distributed in northern, western and central Africa and India.

Panthera leo melanochaita

A modern lion. It is distributed in southern and eastern Africa.

Panthera leo sinhaleyus

It is a subspecies of an extinct prehistoric lion unearthed in Sri Lanka. Unfortunately, this subspecies is already extinct.

Panthera leo fossilis

It is thought to be an early subspecies of the cave lion and is said to have lived in Europe at least 550,000 years ago, but it is now extinct.

Panthera spelaea

It is said to be slightly larger than modern lions and probably did not have a mane. This lion is already extinct and is said to have lived during the Pleistocene.

Panthera atrox

An extinct species that lived in North America. It is said that they lived between about 340,000 and 11,000 years ago.

About habitat

Modern lions are distributed mainly from the Middle East to Africa.

feature is? What kind of creature is it?

Lions are the largest members of the cat family, along with tigers. The hair on the body is short, usually yellowish brown or grayish brown, and the ears are rounded, and males have a long mane that covers the head, shoulders, and chest. Lions have a different lifestyle and are unique among the cat family, living in groups on the savannah. Form groups of 10 to 15 animals. They have territories and mark them with urine, etc. It has great athletic ability and can reach speeds of 60km/h.

What is your personality like?

Lions have a leader-like personality and lead those around them. It is unique among the cat family because it has a higher pride than any other animal, actively communicates with its friends, and is a highly social animal. They are large animals that work together to protect each other. From young lions to the elderly, the range and roles are determined by each other and they exert great power. It’s a fine animal.

What is the ecology like?

Lions eat small animals such as rabbits and rodents, as well as bird and ostrich eggs, fish, and reptiles. Hunting is achieved by approaching the prey while hiding in the grass and pouncing on it from close range. Breeding is polygamous, there is no fixed breeding season, and the gestation period is 3 months. It is possible to give birth to 1-3 puppies at a time. Children open their eyes between 1 week and 10 days after birth, and begin walking around 2 weeks after birth. The lifespan is about 20 years.

Do lions have no natural enemies?

Although lions have no external predators, they are by no means invincible, as their ungrown cubs are often targeted by hyenas that live in the grasslands.

Are lions an endangered species?

Unfortunately, many subspecies of lions are already extinct. The remaining species are also listed as endangered. The biggest external enemy will be humans, which will lead to habitat development and the associated loss of prey and hunting.

Can lions be kept in captivity?

Lions can also attack humans, so it is absolutely dangerous, so please refrain from doing so. It is safe to enjoy them at exhibitions and events at the zoo.


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