Snares penguin (long-billed penguin) Explanation about the characteristics, ecology, and habitat


We will explain the characteristics, ecology, and habitat of the snares penguin (long-billed penguin). This penguin is endemic to the Snares Islands, a sub-Antarctic island in New Zealand, and is a type of penguin that most people don’t see. Landing on the Snares Islands is prohibited and you will be observing the birds as they emerge from the shore from your boat.

Basic information about Snares Penguin

Snares penguin is a bird belonging to the genus Macaroni penguin. The scientific name is Eudyptes robustus. This penguin is 50-60cm long and is endemic to New Zealand. It is a rare species with a very limited habitat. Another name is the long-billed penguin.

English(英名)Snares penguin
scientific name(学名)Eudyptes robustus
classification(分類)Sphenisciformes, Spheniscidae, Eudyptes

What will happen to the classification?

Snares penguins were first collected in 1874. It belongs to the genus Macaroni Penguin. It is one of the endemic species found only in New Zealand.

名前:NameGropu:属名生息地: habit
フィヨルドランドペンギン(Fiordland penguin)    Eudyptes マカロニペンギン属New Zealand
シュレーターペンギン(Erect-Crested Penguin)Eudyptes マカロニペンギン属New Zealand
スネアーズペンギン(Snares Islands Penguin)Eudyptes マカロニペンギン属New Zealand
マカロニペンギン(Macaroni Penguin)Eudyptes マカロニペンギン属Antarctica
ロイヤルペンギン(Royal Penguin)Eudyptes マカロニペンギン属Antarctica
イワトビペンギン(Rockhopper Penguin)Eudyptes マカロニペンギン属South Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Falkland Islands

About snares penguin habitat

New Zealand is the only habitat for snares penguins. Many live near Snares Island.

feature is? What kind of creature is it?

The snares penguin has black plumage on the top of its head and white plumage on the bottom. There is a thick yellow stripe from the base of the beak to the top of the eye and the back of the head. They have orange-brown beaks and pink hind legs, and are generally highly social animals that live in colonies.

What will your personality look like?

Snares penguins are said to be the most social of the Macaroni penguin species. It is possible to form a colony and live in close cooperation with those around you.

What is the ecology of snares penguins?

Snares penguins subsist on krill, squid, etc. They breed in rocky areas, under shrubs, in wetlands, and lay two eggs. The lifespan is said to be close to 20 years.

What is the natural enemy of the snares penguin?

The biggest threat to snares penguins is skuas. Eggs and chicks are particularly vulnerable to being preyed upon.

Are snares penguins an endangered species?

The snares penguin’s habitat is limited to small islands, so if a threat occurs, the population can quickly become extinct. Therefore, although there is no threat, it is considered an endangered species.

Is it possible to keep snares penguins?

The areas where Snares penguins live are off-limits, and furthermore, the New Zealand government has prohibited anyone other than researchers from entering, making it extremely difficult to encounter them in the first place, making it difficult to keep them in captivity.


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